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Formulated for maximum efficacy, minimum fuss, these are formulations for brand-new skin born of a doctor’s experience. Based on years of medical & aesthetic experience, patient feedback, clinical tests, and exacting standards, our proprietary skin and hair care formulas are developed with premium ingredients, and science-driven research.

Sound like a lot? It is. Not everyone puts the same amount of effort and care into product development. That’s what we pride ourselves on.

Our best work is our products. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll see.


Dermatology Heritage

Our beauty brands are deeply rooted in dermatology heritage, bringing the best ingredients and formulations based on science, medical knowledge and clinical experience and combining them into proprietary treatment protocols. Our brand philosophy is entrenched in the pillars of quality and refinement.

Skin Authority

Our knowledge comes from real skin experts: aesthetics doctor, pharmacist, advanced aesthetics professional and professional beauticians with more than 5 million contact hours with day to day clients, addressing real skin concerns. With our profound knowledge of skin, there is no one better to formulate and curate highly effective skin care products.

Independently tested by certified toxicologists

Our products are tested and assessed by independent toxicologists to be safe for use and free of 1400 harmful ingredients. Talk about integrity? We are serious about our customers using only products that are tested and verified safe and clean, and products claims backed by research and clinical studies.

We Pinky Promise

Cruelty Free

We do not test on animals, and ensure that
our suppliers are equally responsible.


We say no to nasties! No harmful
ingredients (over 1,400 of them!), and
definitely no bacterial contamination!
Every batch is tested at independent labs
for your peace of mind.


All our products are certified by
independent toxicologists from EU, to be
safe for their intended use. We also
exclude all heavy metals from our formulas
because they’re just not good for you.


Our formulas are tested at independent
labs in the EU for safety, stability, and
compatibility with the packaging.


We don’t make claims that aren’t backed by
scientific research. It’s the same with our
labelling and advertising. There’s enough
fake news as it is!


If it doesn’t pass our clinical trials and
independent lab tests, it won’t make it your
hands. Standards are high across the board.

Brand Ethos

“I believe that skincare should be simple. When all the frills are stripped away, the goal is, simply, good skin. The DrGL line is my personal philosophy brought to life, and I am happy to share it with you.”

Dr Georgia Lee

There’s a distinct difference between a doctor with a strong personal vision and is directly involved in every step of the formulation process, and the ones who simply slap their name on a contract manufacturer’s existing formula. Each and every one of our formulas is a unique, patented creation.

High concentrations of active ingredients in stable formulae allow our products to give accelerated (but safe) results. A little goes a long way, so use as directed for best results.

We’re constantly updating and improving our formulations based on the latest scientific research. We always strive to be better.

Skin is skin. It’s that simple, really. All our products are gender-neutral, and carefully formulated for everyone — of all ages and ethnicities.

Our mission is to help you get your skin healthy. It’s what’s been driving us since day one. Your best work is you. We’re here to back you up on it.

Best Selling Ranges

Get that lit-from-within glow with our line of vitamin C-powered essentials.


Your daily acid-peel in a bottle.


Shhh, this is our secret to a healthy, beautiful head of hair.


Loyalty Has Its Rewards

Our all-new, supercharged rewards and loyalty programme for our biggest fans. Getting rewarded has never been easier or ahem… more rewarding!  


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