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Expect No Less Than A Seamless, Holistic Experience At DrSpa®.

Created to complement the DrGLⓇ skincare routine, DrSpaⓇ offers luxury medi-aesthetic face and body treatments curated by Dr Georgia Lee herself. Our results-driven Clinical Solutions combine proprietary treatment protocols with proven non-invasive technology and DrGLⓇ Professional products for maximum efficacy and results.


Anti-Aging, Brightening, Soothing

Just starting to take care of your skin? Here’s a good place to start.

This multi award-winning skin repair treatment is customised to target whatever your skin concern — dull skin, oiliness, clogged pores,or aging skin. Exfoliate, refine and fade pigmentation with microdermabrasion, and replenish moisture with our IonWave technology, a way of temporarily opening micro-channels within skin to allow active ingredients specially curated for you to absorb most optimally.

Results: Refines skin’s surface | Revives dull-looking skin | Calms & s|oothes sensitive skin | Complexion is more radiant and youthful

90 mins

HA+ Optimiser |Hydrating, Anti Aging

When your skin is feeling parched, and dull-looking, HA+ Optimiser is the perfect treatment to plump it up from the inside.

Ion Wave technology is used to drive pure, potent, medical-grade hyaluronic acid into the skin to dramatically improve moisture levels for a minimum of 28 days. Your skin is instantly perked up, hydrated, and takes on a radiant, lit-from-within glow.

Results: Intensely hydrated and youthful and plump skin for over 28 days | More even and radiant skin tone and texture | Improves fine lines and fades hyperpigmentation

90 mins

Glow Mira-Lift |
Lifting, Firming, Anti-Aging, Brightening, Hydration

The ultimate lifting, tightening, brightening, and overall anti-aging treatment for the person who wants it all, and wants it now.

In just one session, restore youthfulness and radiance with our no-downtime, non-invasive liquid facelift. This skin treatment utilises the latest in radio frequency, gold-plated micro-needling, and Ion Wave technology for maximum cellular penetration. High concentrations of potent pure hyaluronic acid,(DrGL® Professional Moisture+) is applied, helping to provide and retain optimum hydration in the skin for at least 28 days.

Results: Over 28 Days of Long-lasting hydration | Glowing, hydrated and plump skin | Firmer, more elastic, and tighter skin | More defined facial contours | Smoother and more even skin texture

150 mins

#Turn Back The Clock

Lift |Lifting, Anti-Aging

Our signature, award-winning RF (radio-frequency) facial that instantly firms and lifts the skin.

This treatment works to deeply rejuvenate tired complexions, using CelluActiv Frequency (RF) to activate the muscle tissues in your face at a cellular level — effectively tightening, lifting, and redefining your facial contours in just one treatment. Skin is smoother, more hydrated and your complexion is more refined.

Results: Instantly firm & taut Skin | Enhances facial contours | Dramatically improved hydration | Boost radiance | Reveals smoother complexion | Revitalises & refreshes skin

90 mins

POWERLIFT |Lifting, Firming, Anti-Aging

Dramatically lift and firm facial contours with our multi-powered Powerlift.

For those in need of some heavy lifting, look no further than our Powerlift. Combining advanced RF, vacuum suction, and LED light therapy, this triple-threat lifts, firms, and tightens your face, brows, cheekbones, nasolabial lines, eye area and neck in a single treatment. Multi-polar RF penetrates deep into the dermal layers of the skin to increase ATP energy in skin cells, boosting collagen and elastin remodelling to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The physical pressure and vacuum suction boosts microcirculation and lymphatic drainage to redefine facial contours, while red and blue LED light therapy has been proven to activate collagen synthesis and firm skin, and its anti-inflammatory effects, and helps heal acne. Instantly, your complexion is more radiant and takes on that coveted V-shape visage.

Results: Firms, lifts, & tightens skin | Promotes youthfulness and vitality | Smoother and clearer skin | Look more radiant and energised

105 mins

Lifting, Firming, Hydrating, Anti-Aging

Revive dull, devitalised skin with our signature, non-invasive and non-surgical facelift.

This "injection" of nutrients deep into the skin replenishes vitamins, minerals, and moisture into tired, stressed skin, skin in need of pampering and TLC. Instantly, your complexion is boosted, revived, looking healthier, and glowier. Think of this as a vacation for your skin.

Silk protein DermaThreads infused with nano-technology melt into the skin, instantly tightening the face, and lifting the facial contours. Our signature DrGL Professional Moisture+ is pushed into the skin via our DermaJet PRO+ air pressure machine for maximum absorption and penetration, giving your skin a much-needed hyaluronic acid boost for over 28 days.

The result? A fresher, more lifted, and youthful appearance. Skin is smoother, brighter, and completely transformed in just one session.

Results: Firms, tightens, and lifts skin | Fresher, more youthful appearance | Enhances a V-shape facial contour | Dramatically boosts moisture levels in for more than 28 days | Smoother, more hydrated skin | Boosts cellular renewal

120 mins

GUASA HEALING |TCM-Inspired, Anti-Aging

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices, this treatment combines the restorative benefits of an authentic guasa massage, with our proprietary facial protocol steps. It’s the best of east-meets-west in one ninety-minute session.

Our guasa massage uses a special buffalo horn massager, known in TCM as a yin element, with cooling, and detoxification properties. Massaging along the facial acupoints helps us improve your lymphatic drainage, and we also focus the massage along the meridian lines to boost qi circulation throughout your body.

Pain-free, and gentle enough for even those with sensitive skin, there’s no redness or discomfort afterwards. The only facial that treats you both on the inside and out, this treatment is ideal for looking after your internal well-being, as it boosts organ detoxification, and strengthens your immune system. Suffer from frequent headaches, irregular periods, or want to improve the health of your womb, our guasa healing treatment can help. That’s beauty from the inside out.

Results: Boost microcirculation, promoting youthfulness and vitality | Brightens skin tone for an exceptionally radiant complexion | Activates skin cell renewal for healthier, more youthful-looking skin | Strengthens the immune system, and helps relieve persistent headaches, runny noses, irregular periods, and encourages a healthy womb

90 mins

Anti-Aging, Lifting, Firming

Let your eyes mesmerise with this do-it-all add-on.

Gentle micro-needling is used around the eyes to boost microcirculation, stimulate collagen and elastin production, helping to alleviate all eye conditions such as dark circles, eye bags, puffiness, crow’s feet, dehydration, and fine lines. The eye area is immediately lifted, brighter, and plump, revitalising and energising the entire complexion.

Results: Brightens & lifts | Promotes youthfulness and vitality | Smoothens and plumps the skin | Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet | Repairs damaged skin | Lifts, firms, and tightens slackened skin

40 mins



Anti-Aging, Brightening, Anti-Acne

An insider-favourite, skin-brightening, anti-aging, and anti-acne peel, this multifaceted treatment is a great pick-me-up for aging, stressed skin.

A combination of multi-fruit acids, vitamins C and E, and a polyphenol-rich grape wine rejuvenating peel help gently exfoliate, unclog pores, fade post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and even out skin tone while being gentle on the skin. We pair this with our signature lifting facial massage for the ultimate revitalising experience.

Results: Exfoliates & smoothens | Brightens & evens skin tone | Reduces skin inflammation, and heals acne | Refines enlarged pores

90 mins



BYE-BYE BLACKHEADS |Men’s, Clogged Skin, Oily Skin

Troubled by the oil-slick on your face, blackheads and clogged pores?

This deep cleansing treatment is just what you need. Clear dead skin cells, clean out pores, and rebalance skin quickly and easily with our advanced GEM Dermabrasion technology. Non-invasive and painless, this facial also improves the appearance of fine lines, reduces the occurrence of acne, and is gentle on skin. You’ll leave looking fresher, energised and look like you just had the best night’s sleep of your life.

Results: Exfoliates and refines rough and dull skin. | Reduces excess sebum and rebalances oily skins | Fades Acne Marks | Soothes redness and inflammation

90 mins

WEATHERPROOF | Men’s, Anti-Aging, Brightening

Troubled by the oil-slick on your face, blackheads and clogged pores?

A few lines never hurt anyone, and even lends an air of distinction to men. But if you’re battling too many scowl lines and feel weather-beaten, this award-winning multi-tasking treatment is for you. We use microdermabrasion to exfoliate all the dead skin, fade sun spots, and then replenish moisture and radiance with our IonWave technology. Targeted and methodical, and effective — just like you.

Results: Refines texture and revives dull-looking skin | Repairs and protects skin from photo aging | Brighter, more even-toned skin | Deeply hydrating for firmer, supple skin

90 mins

SPOTLESS | Men’s, Anti-Acne

Clear acne fast! Don’t let your breakout get you down.

Don’t let your breakout get you down. There’s nothing a good peel can’t fix. Fruit acids, vitamins C and E, and wine polyphenols gently slough away dead skin, unclog pores, and improve acneic conditions while also soothing inflammation and redness. No pain, no downtime, you can even do it over lunch.

Results: Reduces skin inflammation, and heals acne | Exfoliates, smoothens, and enhances cellular renewal | Refines enlarged pores

90 mins


SHAPE | Anti Cellulite

No more dimpling!

Recharge and energise the cells in your body to stimulate fat burn with our Endermologie LPG lipomassage. Painless and non-invasive, this contouring treatment is the gold standard for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Mechanical stimulation of the skin’s surface boosts the body’s own cellular activity and stimulates circulation to the area. This triggers the breakdown of localised and stubborn fat cells just beneath the skin’s surface, and promotes better lymphatic drainage to contour and reshape the body.

Results: Reduces and improves the appearance of cellulite | Breaks down and removes stubborn, localised fat | Tightens and firms loose, slackened skin | Stimulates lymphatic drainage for optimum detoxification | Eliminates water retention | Accelerate the regeneration of collagen and elastin

See visibly smoother skin

90 mins


CONTOUR | Slimming

Need that extra bit of help to achieve a slimmer, more contoured silhouette?

Our treatment helps boost your metabolism, tone skin, and burn that final bit of excess fat via our triple-action system known as Body LiposlimCare™. RF, vacuum suction, and red LED light work synergistically to smoothen the appearance of cellulite, improve the texture and tone of skin, and boost your body’s fat-burning capability for a tighter, more contoured, and more youthful-looking silhouette.

Results: Smooth skin and improve the appearance of cellulite | Tighten, firm and smooth slackened skin by stimulating collagen production | Reduces water retention | Helps burn excess fat, and improve metabolism | Improves and enhances body contours and shape

105 mins

#Transform Your Skin

GLASS SKIN TRANSFORMATION | Brightening, Lightens Hyper-pigmentation

Take your skin to a new level of radiance with our #GlassSkin programme.

Powered by natural camu camu, acai berries and guarana extracts, our Whiten & Brighten facial infuses a high dose of vitamin C into the skin via IonWave technology for maximum cellular absorption. Pair with DermaBoost PHOTONs therapy, our professional-grade red and infrared LED device for accelerated results.

Results: Lightens hyper-pigmentation | Reveals youthful glow | Skin is nourished, smoother and strengthened | Skin is radiant and energised


  • 3 sessions x Whiten & Brighten Skin Treatment
  • 3 sessions x DermaBoost+ Photons therapy
  • DrGL® Enhance Your Glow Intro Kit

*Treatments are to be utilized within 60 days for optimized results. Our Skin Specialists will analyse your skin and recommend the frequency of treatment.

90 mins


Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with our programme designed to reverse the signs of aging.

Start with our PowerLift facial that uses advanced RF, vacuum suction, and LED light therapy. This triple-threat visibly lifts, firms, and tightens your face, brows, cheekbones, nasolabial lines, eye area and neck. Four sessions will give a prolonged boost in collagen production for long-lasting results, and a V-Shaped contour.

Results: Firms, lifts, and tightens skin | Promotes youthfulness and vitality | Skin is smoother and revitalised.


  • 4 sessions of Powerlift Skin Treatment
  • DrGL Turn Back The Clock Intro Kit

*Treatments are to be completed within 60 days for optimal results. Our Skin Specialists will analyse your skin and recommend the frequency of treatment.

105 mins


Targeted, clinical solutions to treat, heal and prevent acne.

Our programme is designed to work synergistically for optimal results. We combine our signature anti-acne facial with blue LED light therapy for amplified results. Gentle fruit-acids and red wine polyphenols refine your skin, heal acne, and fade acne scars, while blue light kills acne-causing bacteria, and regulates sebum production.

Results: Reduces acne | Regulates sebum and rebalances skin | Soothes and calms inflammation | Skin is clearer and has fewer blemishes


  • 3 Sessions of Strengthen & Protect Anti-Acne Treatment
  • 3 Sessions of DermaClear+ PHOTONs Therapy (add-on Therapy)
  • 2 Sessions of RF Treatment
  • DrGL Save Our Skin Intro Kit

*Treatments are to be utilized within 60 days for optimised results. Our Skin Specialists will analyse your skin and recommend the frequency of treatment.

90 mins


*Terms and Conditions for First Trial Offers

Valid for new customers who are residents of Singapore aged 21 years & above. I Customer will be entitled to a DrHair® Scalp & Hair Analysis prior to treatment commencement. I Not valid with other offers, services and promotions. I Redemption is valid for 3 months from date of purchase. I The management reserves the right to change the above conditions without prior notice.

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